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Hawaiki Keyer 3.0 is a complete keying system for green screens and blue screens, featuring an innovative keying algorithm, a unique diagnostic toolset and unrivalled compositing options, all designed to help you get the perfect key with the minimum of guesswork.

Version 3.0 OUT NOW. Click to see the huge list of incredible new features.

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Hawaiki Keyer is the most powerful and best value keying solution for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5, and its unique feature set will also appeal to users of Premiere Pro and After Effects (Mac only).

Create great-looking mattes and make easy work of fine, wispy hair detail and tricky motion blur. Hawaiki Keyer offers a powerful set of matte extraction tools to overcome even the toughest keying obstacles.

Experience exceptional control over spill suppression to tame even the toughest contamination.

The Edge refinement options in Hawaiki Keyer offer unique, powerful and versatile tools for truly exceptional results.

A unique set of diagnostic views help you get the best out of your keys and spill suppression by eliminating the guesswork and allowing you to work quickly and precisely.

Use the extensive built-in color correction to fine tune your composite, and add Light Wrap and Edge Blend for great-looking final results.

Blisteringly fast rendering and playback performance, plus a host of other professional features combine to make Hawaiki Keyer one of the the best keying solutions you can buy, and at just $99 it is also by far the best value.

And add to the finishing touch to a really great composite with Hawaiki AutoMatch, the best colour matching plug-in you can buy.

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Developed by Tokyo Productions and Lawn Road, Hawaiki Keyer is available exclusively through FxFactory.

FxFactory Download and Install FxFactory before installing Hawaiki Keyer.

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