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OUT NOW - AutoGrade 3.0. The best automatic image correction plug-in for Final Cut Pro X is now available to users of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects (Mac only), Final Cut Pro 7 and Motion 5. AutoGrade is an advanced automatic white balance correction tool with a host of easy-to-use additional grading features.

New in AutoGrade 3.0 is a simple but powerful new module that gives you an instant one-hit result, as well as a great new way to make great-looking instant corrections by sampling the skin tones in your image.

Designed primarily as an automatic white balance correction tool for when your camera’s white balance was incorrectly set in the field, Hawaiki AutoGrade offers you a huge amount of additional easy-to-use image control.

In fact, it’s the most accurate, most powerful, best value auto-correction plug-in for Final Cut Pro X that you can buy.

A host of easy-to-use additional features mean that AutoGrade is not just an auto-correction tool, it's a powerful grading suite as well.

At only $49, no other solution comes close to providing this much value.

How does it work?

New in AutoGrade 3.0


Developed by Tokyo Productions and Lawn Road, Hawaiki AutoGrade is available exclusively through FxFactory.

FxFactory Download and Install FxFactory before installing Hawaiki AutoGrade.

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